Pure Sine Wave Inverter     |      2021-12-07 10:16
● Double CPU intelligent control technology, performance excellence;
● The power mode / energy saving mode / battery mode can be set up,
 Flexible application;
● Smart fan control, safe and reliable;
● The pure sine wave output, can adapt to various types of load;
● Wide input voltage range, high-precision output automatic voltage function.
● The LCD real-time display device parameters, running status at a glance;
● The output overload, short circuit protection, automatic protection and alarm;
● The intelligent MPPT solar controller, over charge, over discharge protection, current limiting charging, multiple protection;
Product Introduction

     ① --Fan
     ②--Wi-fi communication instructions (optional function)
     ③--WIFI working status indicator
     ④--WIFI reset button
     ⑤-- Battery input breaker
     ⑥--Solar input breaker(Remarks: no this breaker to 0.3KW-1.5KW)    
     ⑦--Solar input port
     ⑧-- AC input port
     ⑨-- Battery access port
     ⑩-- AC output port
     ⑪-- AC input / output fuse holder
     ⑫--SIM card slot(Remarks: optional function, 0.3KW-1.5KW no card slot)
Model: MPPT hybrid inverter built in solar controller 0.3-1KW 1.5-6KW
power rating(w) 300 700 1500 3000 5000
500 1000 2000 4000 6000
Battery rated voltage (VDC) 12/24 12/24/48 24/48 48
Charge Current 10A MAX 30A MAX
Battery Type Can be set
Input Voltage Range 85-138VAC/170-275VAC
frequency 45-65Hz
Output Voltage Range 110VAC/220VAC; ±5% (Inverter mode)
frequency 50/60Hz±1% (Inverter mode)
Output wave Pure Sine Wave
Change time <10ms(Typical load)
frequency >85%(80% Resistive load)
overcharge 110-120%/30S;>160%/300ms;
Protection function Battery over-voltage and low-voltage protection, overload protection, short circuit protection, over-temperature protection
MPPT Solar Controller MPPT Voltage Range 12VDC:15V~150VDC; 24VDC:30V~150VDC; 48VDC:60V~150VDC
Solar input Power 12VDC-30A(400W);
Rated charge current 30A(Max) 60A(Max)
MPPT efficiency ≥99%
Average charging voltage (lead acid battery) accept 12V/14.2VDC; 24V/28.4VDC; 48V/56.8VDC
Floating charge voltage 12V/13.75VDC; 24V/27.5VDC;48V/55VDC
Operating ambient temperature -15-+50℃
Storage ambient temperature -20 - +50℃
Operating / storage environment 0-90% No Condensation
Dimensions: W * D * H (mm) 420*320*122 520*420*222
Packing size: W * D * H (mm) 535*435*172 635*535*252
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