Auction of 10% equity of hailun solar technology at a price

 Industry News     |      2020-03-26 13:55
Recently, we learned on Alibaba auction website that after the flow auction of Hefei Hairun plant area, 10% equity of Hairun Solar Energy Technology Co., Ltd., an important subsidiary of Hairun, will also be auctioned, with a bid price of 20 million.
The original owner of this equity is otesville energy (Taicang) Co., Ltd., which has been frozen by Taicang people's court until April 25, 2021. According to the manager's preliminary understanding, hailun Solar Technology Co., Ltd. has not actually operated.
It is understood that hailun Solar Technology Co., Ltd. is also a wholly-owned subsidiary of hailun photovoltaic which ultimately benefits 100%. Its shareholder, otesville energy (Taicang) Co., Ltd., is wholly owned by hailun New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.
Interestingly, the registered capital of hailun Solar Technology Co., Ltd. at the time of its establishment was just 200 million yuan. Otesville energy (Taicang) Co., Ltd. subscribed 20 million shares of 10%, which is just equivalent to its subscribed capital contribution. However, more interestingly, otesville energy did not pay in full.
The author learned from the enterprise investigation that there are five registered shareholders of Hairun Solar Energy Technology Co., Ltd., all of which are subsidiaries of Hairun Co., Ltd., but only two enterprises are found in the company's investment information, with a total of 140 million yuan paid.