Tsolar SST-40

 Solar Street Light     |      2020-04-10 11:54
1.All in one intelligent design.
2.nergy saving LED garden/street lights.
3.Different motion sensor with timmer.
4.Put solar panel, LED lamp, battery and controller all in one box
5.Without any cable, easy to install and ship
6.Longer service life
7.Easy to maintain and replacement
8.Pole optional, easy to install. 
Product Introduction
Solar street light use solar radiation energy as the energy. During the day, solar panels are used to convert solar energy to charge the batteries. At night, the batteries supply power for LED light, which does not require complex and expensive pipeline laying. The solar street light can be arbitrarily adjusted, safety, energy saving, environmental protection. No manual operation is required, stable and reliable, saving electricity costs and maintenance-free.
  Tsolar/SST-40-1 Tsolar/SST-40-2 Tsolar/SST-40-3
Solar Panel Power 30W 40W 60W
Solar Cell high efficency imported silicon solarcell high efficency imported silicon solarcell high efficency imported silicon solarcell
Lithium Battery 12V/14AH 12V/20AH 12V/30AH
LED power 30W 40W 60A
Working Mode Induction; Light control, Time control
Lumen(LM) 3900-4200 5200-5600 7800-8400
Color Temperature 6500-7000K
Working Temperature -10℃ ~+50℃
Waterproof Rate IP65
Mounting Height 5-6m 6-7m 6-7m
Product Size 742*283.5*45 mm 880*283.5*45 mm 1133*283.5*45 mm
Package Size 800*320*115 mm 1200*320*115 mm 1200*320*115 mm
Gross Weight (net weight) 7.65KG(6.4KG) 9.94KG(8.64KG) 10.5KG(9KG)

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