Tsolar MI-60

 Modified Sine Wave Inverter     |      2020-04-10 12:00
1.Efficiency: Up to 95%.
2.No work noise,normal use can be run for many years without maintenance.
3.Strong ability of resist concussion.
4.Protection: Battery Low Alarm/Battery Shut down/Over Voltage/Over Temp/Output Short/Input polarity reverse/Over load.
5.A variety input and output mode:12V input, 24V input;220V AC output,110V AC output,fully able to meet domestic and foreign users of the exchange of electricity demand.       
6.Aluminum products,high-pressure plasma process Ti surface,high hardness, chemical composition and stability,anti-oxidation,fashion appearance.
Product Introduction
Modified sine wave inverter has everything you are looking for excellent quality, whether you connect it to the car cigarette socket, or connect it to the battery, both can be directly converted to alternating current. It can be used on various types of household appliances, allowing you to work in the business, driving tours, power outages when the emergency, giving you a steady stream of power.
  Tsolar/MI-60-1 Tsolar/MI-60-1 Tsolar/MI-60-3
Rated Power 100W 300W 500W
AC Voltage Regulation 220VAC±5%
WaveForm Modified Sine Wave
LED/LCD Display Digital LED Display
Battery(External Connection)
Battery Voltage 12V 24V 12V 24V 12V 24V
Floating Charge Voltage 13.5V 27V 13.5V 27V 13.5V 27V
Overcharge Protection 15.5V 31V 15.5V 31V 15.5V 31V
Maximum Work Temperature ≦60℃
Protections Over Temperation, Low Battery, Over Voltage, Over Load. Short Circuit...
Cooling Fan
Shell Material Aluminum Alloy
Dimension, D x W x H(mm) 105x65x40mm   150x96x58 190x96x58
Weight(Kg) 0.35Kg 0.6Kg 0.88Kg
Operating Environment
Humidity 5% to 95% Relative Humidity(Non-Condensing)
Operating Temperature 0℃-55℃
Storage Temperature (-)10℃-60℃

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