Tsolar PAYG-32

 Pay As You Go Solar System     |      2020-04-10 15:36
1. Portable solar power system, silent working without noise, shockproof, dustproof, green energy, environmental protection, health, for no electricity areas or travel to provide convenient new energy power;
2. Simplified input and output device, no installation and debugging, simple operation, just install and use;
3. Built-in maintenance free battery, 6 PCs of DC12V output, clean electricity, has overcharge, over discharge, overload, and other full-featured electronic protection functions;
4. USB5V fast charging, adapt to mobile phones and other digital products emergency power supply;
5. The main power box case by cold plate welding, surface painting, beautiful appearance, portable product, easy to move;
6. With high efficiency solar panels, toughened glass, aluminum frame pressure layer, fashionable and beautiful, solid and practical, easy to carry, transport;
7. Build in radio, and card / usb reader mp3 play function;
8. With smart Pay As You Go function(optional);
9. The standard configuration with USB charging cable and DC LED bulbs with cable, for your lighting, mobile phone charging and other basic life required electricity.
Product Introduction
Portable solar power system produced by our company is from solar panel, solar controller, battery and inverter, through the professional assembling to be an easy using product; after some times of product upgrading, stands on the head of solar product peer. The product has many highlights, easy installation, maintenance free, safety and easy to solve the basic use of electricity......     " Green new energy, Lights all over the world"!
Model Tsolar/PAYG-32-1  Tsolar/PAYG-32-2
Voltage 18V(From Solar Panel)  18V(From Solar Panel)
DC Voltage DC5Vx2pcs,DC12Vx6pcs  DC5Vx2pcs,DC12Vx6pcs
Built-in Battery  
Battery Type Lithium battery  Lithium battery
Battery Voltage 11.1V  11.1V
Battery Capacity 24Ah  40Ah
Over Voltage Protection 14V  14V
Built-in Solar Controller  
Solar Controller Type PWM  PWM
Max Solar Charger Current 10A  10A
Solar Panel(ref)  
Solar Panel Type Poly Solar Panel  Poly Solar Panel
Power 50W/18V  80W/18V
Dimension,D x W x H(mm) 537*665*30  1030*665*30
Weight(Kg) 4.5KG  8KG
Shell Material Iron  Iron
Dimension,D x W x H(mm)    
Multimedia Applications    
  With Radio/MP3 function  With Radio/MP3 function
  3W12V LED bulb*2  3W12V LED bulb*2
  E27holder+switch+5m cable 0.2MM2*2  E27holder+switch+5m cable 0.2MM2*2
  1-4USB cable  1-4USB cable
Operating Environment  
Humidity 5% to 95% Relative Humidity(Non-Condensing)  5% to 95% Relative Humidity(Non-Condensing)
Operating Temperature 0℃-55℃  0℃-55℃
Storage Temperature (-)10℃-60℃  


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